Behavioural Change Technology


Did you know? 95% of collisions are a result of driver error

If a driver is aware of the areas that pose risk, the chance of an incident is dramatically reduced.

In-car behavioural technology can facilitate this. Where possible TTC DriverProtect see a value of implementing in-car driver behavioural technology to reinforce safe and efficient driver behaviour.

It is most effectively deployed following our Driver Risk Profiling and training. Driver behaviour is monitored via in vehicle box, that relay’s in car information to the driver.

By having In-car behavioural Technology you will be able to…


All working together to Protect your people, Protect your business, Protect your brand.


Have default driver feedback on elements such as speeding and harsh Braking


Gain tangible business benefits, including:

  • Better tyre usage
  • Fuel consumption
  • Lower incident rate
  • Extended service intervals
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Less stressed drivers/employees

Act now, contact us today and ensure you are legally compliant

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