Have you got employees who drive for work?

To reduce the number of road incidents, TTC DriverProtect urges employees to take more care behind the wheel when driving for any work related activity – whether that be in a company car or their own vehicle.

Health and safety at work applies equally to employees who are travelling offsite as it does to those based in the office environment, says TTC DriverProtect, part of the TTC Group  –  a national training organisation, which educates 330,000 road users each year to reduce accidents.

TTC wants more people to recognise that more than 25 per cent of all road incidents involve individuals who are engaged in work related driving activity.

“Business drivers thinking about a forthcoming meeting, delivery drivers starting their rounds, nurses attending home visits – all are at risk in the same fashion as someone working in heavy industry, construction or agriculture,” says TTC Senior Consultant Adrian Hide.

“Last year 1,780 people died in road crashes and 21,920 were seriously injured on our roads. Thousands more were slightly hurt.

“Many would have been driving for work so the message is that driving is potentially very dangerous and we all need to take a step back and consider if we are driving safely.”

“With more than 95 per cent of all road incidents being caused by human rather than vehicle related error, employers have not only a legal obligation but also a duty of care to manage the risk that their staff face on the road,” he added.

Business guru Lord Digby Jones is backing the TTC’s DriverProtect campaign to educate people who drive at work to cut road deaths and injuries among the workforce.

TTC DriverProtect provides an end to end managed service to allow organisations to manage workplace road safety for employees. The service encapsulates policy management, licence checking, grey fleet administration, driver risk assessment, e-learning, and where appropriate, classroom and on-road driver training.

For more information please click www.ttc-driverprotect.com