Trainer panel

Qualified and experienced experts who specialise in developing positive behavioural change

  1. Expert trainers with industry experience

    We employ people with years of industry experience, not just trainers but experts in behavioural change.

    Selected for their maturity, professionalism and ability to relate effectively to clients, colleagues and not least, the wide variety of individuals on our programmes.

  2. Scalable solution with 500 'TTC approved' trainers

    We have access to a pool of 500+ trainers offering you a flexible and scalable delivery solution nationwide. All individuals have had to meet our high standards to be added to our trainer panel.

    No educational requirement is too big or small for us to meet.

  3. Qualified and accredited

    All the trainers are vetted by our team and meet strict qualifications and accreditation criteria, as well as the requirement to have substantial industry experience.

    Regular assessment and feedback is supplemented by coaching and mentoring, ensuring quality training is delivered every time.

    You can rest assured our courses are delivered by professionals who are subject matter experts in their field.

I shall be even more aware and alert on the roads now and in the future. The way he [Mick] taught me makes me want to change my thinking and driving forever, not just for today

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