Fleet Audit


Did you know? 22% of drivers and 8% of vehicle keepers are currently using out of date documents

Our audit provides a risk rating of work-related road safety

We will assess you against industry best practice and provide you with a balanced scorecard, gap analysis and recommendations for improvement.

Benefits to you...


Ensure your policy covers all aspects of work-related driving activities


Find out if your employees know exactly what your organisation expects from them


Understand your legal requirement and current position – and how to bridge the gaps


Know if your work-related driving documentation is legally compliant


Knowledge is key – reduce the risks associated with work-related driving activities


Fully auditable trail

Our process

We map your current practices and procedures for managing work-related road safety against industry best practice  

We do this by


Meeting with relevant stakeholders – HR, health and safety, fleet, operations, etc


Working through a structured questionnaire


Analysing our findings


Delivering a comprehensive report including:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • A costed proposal

Risk of non-compliance

Failure to gain a full understanding of your health and safety obligations for managing work-related road safety could leave your organisation open to significant fines or in the worst-case scenario  a custodial sentence

Are you Compliant?

Find out if your company could be at risk.

Act now, contact us today and ensure you are legally compliant

TTC Group is dedicated to fleet road safety. Our end-to-end driver risk management service is committed to minimising fleet driver risk and optimising driver-related business performance.

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