Grey Fleet Management

Did you know? 22% of drivers and 8% of vehicle keepers are currently using out of date documents

We will ensure your grey fleet drivers are covered

The law treats an employee using their own vehicle for work purposes as a company vehicle. Our online driver risk portal Continuum will effectively manage the process and minimise the risk associated with grey fleet duties.

Benefits to you...

Ensure you are meeting the requirements for your health and safety duty of care and are legally compliant
Provide validation and an audit trail, if investigated by the HSE
Account for all drivers using their own vehicle for work purposes
Cover all aspects of grey fleet administration

Our process

To ensure the private vehicle used for work purposes is legally compliant

We do this by:

Conducting an automated DVLA lookup for:

  • MOT certificate
  • Road fund licence taxation
Validating insurance has business class use
Monitoring expiry dates with automated driver reminders

Risk of non-compliance

Mandating an employee’s self declare documentation is not a legally defensible position, nor is how infrequently a personal vehicle is used for a work-related journey. If your business does not manage your grey fleet documentation accordingly, you will leave yourself and your people vulnerable to a higher risk of a road traffic incident and prosecution.

Are you Compliant?

Find out if your company could be at risk.

Act now, contact us today and ensure you are legally compliant

TTC Group is dedicated to fleet road safety. Our end-to-end driver risk management service is committed to minimising fleet driver risk and optimising driver-related business performance.

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