Safe Driving Policy

Did you know? Any individual who drives more than 30k miles per annum is at greater risk of injury than someone who works in the northern oil and gas industry.

The workplace can extend to your vehicle

Businesses must have an effective safe driving policy covering their work-related activities. This ensures staff are aware of their and your responsibilities – and complies with Health and Safety legislation.

Benefits to you...

Have a policy in place that ensures legal compliance
Have a defensible position in an instance where you could be audited by the HSE
Have current, validated communication and understanding of risks to employees
Have effective in-house organisation of policy documents

Our process

Our process is to ensure you have a current and up to date policy which is effectively communicated

We do this by


Reviewing your existing policy and ensuring it meets HSE guidelines


Effective communication to all employees


Validate understanding through an online aptitude assessment


Risk of non-compliance


If your business does not have a compliant policy in place and a clear understanding of your health and safety requirements, you will leave yourself and your people vulnerable to a higher risk of a road traffic incident and prosecution. In short  if you don’t know the rules you can’t stick to them.

Are you Compliant?

Find out if your company could be at risk.

Act now, contact us today and ensure you are legally compliant

TTC Group is dedicated to fleet road safety. Our end-to-end driver risk management service is committed to minimising fleet driver risk and optimising driver-related business performance.

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