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Did you know? At least one in three (31%) fatal crashes and one in four (26%) serious injury crashes in Britain involve someone driving for work

Continuum – Driver Risk Management Portal

Improve your fleet’s safety whilst reducing costs and management time

Every employer or manager responsible for staff who drive has a duty of care to their drivers. But managing work-related road safety is time-consuming, expensive and, if done incorrectly, can land you in serious trouble with the Health and Safety Executive.

We have a cost-effective solution – Continuum – our online fleet risk management software which allows you to easily and quickly manage your entire driving community from one platform. Continuum’s suite of services provides the complete lifecycle of compliance, administration and driver risk management so you can:

– Reduce administration burden
– Reduce fleet management costs
– Reduce on-road incidents

Benefits to you:

– Securely manage, control and profile all drivers from a single platform 24/7/365
– Real-time insight on your entire fleet’s driving performance
– Access to management information to make informed decisions about your fleet
– Identify your high-risk drivers and tailor a training plan to improve driver performance
– Audit trail of compliance and promoting safe driver behaviour

System features include:

– Online driver risk assessment and profiling
– Driving compliance check including medical fitness and valid licence
– Online driver training including elearning and videos
– Management of on-road and classroom learning
– Manager access for overview of any potential issues identified
– Configurable setup including bespoke company structure
– Grey fleet checks – business use insurance, valid MOT and Tax
– Manager and driver alerts

Protect your people, business, brand

We fully recognise no two companies are the same and because of this our approach is very tailor made and bespoke based on your specific needs and requirements with our suite of services either being sourced individually or as part of a broader managed service offering.

Choose your route


Our managed driver risk management services are designed to take care of your business’s responsibility to manage the health, safety and welfare of your employees whilst driving for work. This includes ensuring all documentation and polices are up to date and legally compliant.


Aimed at making your workforce aware of all potential risks while driving for work and how to mitigate them, whatever vehicle they drive. Our training and development offer includes risk profiling to identify need and can be delivered in class, in-vehicle or online via e-learning.


You choose how far we get involved

Depending on how effectively you are managing your work related road safety, these services can either be sourced as individual point solutions or more normally as a broader managed service offering.

Did you know?

That 25% of all road collisions involve people who were driving for work at the time.

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TTC Group is dedicated to fleet road safety. Our end-to-end driver risk management service is committed to minimising fleet driver risk and optimising driver-related business performance.

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