Anytime, Anywhere, Any Driver…

As a responsible business or organisation you may have identified that your employees would benefit from further driver training, however, releasing employees from the organisation to undertake driver training may be a difficult option. This is why we offer online driver training, delivered through an efficient eLearning platform aimed at keeping down-time to an absolute minimum.

By having TTC DriverProtect carry out your online training you will be able to…


Focus on the employees that have been identified as high risk


Have certified safer, more fuel efficient drivers


Conduct Straightforward and unobtrusive online modules


Tailor you’re E-Learning modules to meet your business needs


Carry out training at any location (all you need is a computer!)


Have a clear return on investment


Risk of non-compliance

TTC DriverProtect knows that not one size fits all, and this is very much the case where learning is concerned. Being unrivalled experts in road safety, our online courses can be tailored to meet the needs of your business, whatever it’s size and whatever your people drive.

Did you know?

On average, 250,000 drivers are disqualified every year


Act now, contact us today and ensure you are legally compliant