Stay safe, stay back – a new road safety campaign is advising anyone who tailgates the vehicle in front. The message from Highways England, which references the classic arcade game, warns drivers that tailgating causes accidents and you don’t get an extra life in the real world. The campaign states: 

– Driving too close is a factor in one in eight road casualties, with more than 100 people killed or seriously injured each year. 

– Tailgating is the biggest single bugbear that drivers have about other motorway users, with nearly nine in 10 (87 per cent) saying they have experienced or witnessed it. 

– Those drivers who admit to tailgating would not dream of drink-driving or using a handheld mobile phone and believe they are really good drivers. 

The campaign comes after a recent TTC post where our trainer Ravi Asi advised drivers to keep a minimum two-second time gap behind the vehicle in front. She said the gap should be doubled in poor weather conditions, adding: “Only a fool breaks the two-second rule.” 

Fellow trainer Anita Haddon-Davies says some drivers may want to consider increasing the gap to three seconds in dry weather and 6 seconds in wet weather “because having more space is good and you can’t crash into space”. 

The campaign urges anyone being followed by a tailgater to: 

– Drive normally and cautiously by maintaining a safe speed and not be influenced by the tailgater’s anti-social behaviour.  

– Allow the tailgater to overtake by pulling to the side of the road or turning off at a petrol station when it is safe to do so. 

Learn more: Highways England  

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