– National Safer Roads Partnerships’ Conference 2018

– September 26 & 27, 2018 

– Experts representing TTC: Jonathan Robertson and Glen Suttenwood  

TTC recently attended the National Safer Roads Partnerships’ Conference in Manchester where TTC delegates Jonathan Robertson and Glen Suttenwood had the chance to meet road safety professionals from local authorities, police forces and safety camera partnerships. 

The two-day event provided an excellent forum for Jonathan and Glen to discuss our road safety education courses, which raise awareness while encouraging motorists to alter unsafe driving habits. These courses are only open to drivers referred by the police, but we also deliver a full range of workplace road safety workshops for businesses, organisations, local authorities, schools and colleges. 

Our courses are held at more than 200 venues across UK. To learn more, visit our Police-Referred Courses page or call our Contact Centre on 0330 024 1805.