TTC are excited to support Road Safety Week which takes place on November 19 to 25. The campaign is coordinated by Brake and seeks to raise public awareness for safer roads. This year’s theme is Bike Smart and it’s message is in line with our core objective of improving the safety and well-being of all road users.

Our head of training Andy Wheeler said: “We are delighted to support Road Safety Week. Being aware of people on bicycles or motorcycles is at the heart of our training for all corporate customers who undertake coaching courses. Being ‘bike smart’ isn’t an option, it should be a priority for road users in particular businesses with at-work drivers. So let’s get behind this campaign and take action to make Britain’s roads safer for all.”

Latest DfT figures (published in 2017) reveal motorcyclists and cyclists make up more than a third of people killed or seriously injured on UK roads. To reduce this worrying figure, Bike Smart puts the focus on improving driving and riding behaviours, and adopting appropriate training and equipment.

As the UK experts in driver risk management, speed awareness courses, on behalf of 14 police forces, and cycle proficiency, we are leading the way in positively influencing driver and rider behaviour. To continue our work and to support Bike Smart, we are posting daily road safety tips on social media and on our website.

For further advice on reducing costs and risks around work-related driving, visit the Managed Service page or speak to an expert on 03330 113 113.

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