On-Road Driver Development

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The best safety device in a car is a well-trained driver

In this on-road coaching course, the driver is guided through proven driving techniques to suit their pace. Building upon the driver’s strengths, highlighting areas for future improvement and risk reduction in a practical environment.


Lower carbon emissions & improved fuel economy


Less vehicle wear on consumables, for example, brakes, clutch and tyres


Enhanced appreciation and application of speed management


Enhances driver safety


Improve general driver competence and knowledge


Reduction in stress-related driving

Most drivers will adopt their own style of driving once they have passed their driving test. These are often referred to as bad habits.

It is recognised within the road safety profession that most drivers would benefit from an appraisal of their driving, mapped against modern thinking in defensive and eco driving techniques.

Did you know?

Drivers who receive driver training have an accident liability of 8% lower than those who have not.

Source: TRL - Transport Research laboratory report 317

Benefits to you


Standard driving licence and eyesight checks before commencement of training


Vehicle pre-drive check to help the delegates understand the importance of maintaining the vehicle and taking responsibility for their own safety


Commentary driving


Individual assessment drive with driver feedback and advice


Hazard perception


Practical coaching in the use of defensive driving systems


Comprehensive written report identifying areas of improvement and guidance notes

Previous attendees said…

“Yes, would highly recommend this course to others, it has been very useful and informative on how we should all behave on the roads”


Suitable for

Drivers of  cars, vans, LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) LGV (Large Good Vehicles) or PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicles) for work purposes.


Half day (3.5 hour) for up to 1 driver

Full day (2 x 3.5 hour) for up to 2 drivers

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